Rob Drummond
Rob has worked in the construction industry for over ten years. He completed his Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the University of Manitoba in 2007 where he focused on sustainable construction and environmental health. During this time he was fortunate to have a part time position as an apprentice under a master carpenter from England. This apprenticeship was completed in 2012, fulfilling all requirements for Red River College’s Red Seal Journeyman Program.

Jay, Tom & Jack
The Team
Jay – Lead Carpenter/Project Manager
Having been in the industry for over 25 years, with his Journeyman Red Seal, his contributions to every project are backed by experience and knowledge.
Tom – Jack-of-all-trades
Tom spent much of his working days in the restaurant & hospitality industry. With his transition to building and construction, his contributions are team-oriented, multi-tasking and an appreciation of time constraints & schedules.
Jack – Apprentice
Jack is currently working to complete level hours. He is eager to take in any new learning opportunity and take on new challenges.